2 new Pro gamer machines just added

The skull alien is now available housed in Thermaltakes stunning AH600 case. Powered by intels i9 9900k, 32 gb dual channel 3200ghz ram, nvidias RTX 2080ti, with 4tb storage and 1TB M2 NVME drive. all running on a 1000watt 80+ gold PSU. This machine is not for the feint hearted!

This machine will run anything you throw at it and wont break a sweat......

The R9 based Torque is another great pro gamer just released. Similar spec to the Alien but powered by the R9 3900x cpu and housed in antecs stunning Torque case finished in black and red. this is another machine thats designed to make easy work of everything thrown at it.

another great pair of machines from skullcomputers.com

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