CAD Design Workstations Now available at

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

CAD workstations are now available at skull computers.

Starting at just £1399.99

From a basic Intel I5 cpu, 16gb Ram with a P1000 Quadro card to an Intel I9 9900K, 16gb Ram and a Quadro 200 card 8gb.

We have a machine that will work for you.

All machines can have ram, ssd, hdd upgrades any time from purchase to later on in its life.

We build in upgradeability for peace of mind. We know a purchase of a workstation has to last, and at skull computers we work hard to produce a machine that will serve its purpose well into the future.

We also have AMD Ryzen versions available, and we can build to your budget or specification. We also use both Nvidia Quadro cards or AMD Radeon Pro cards so any specification can be achieved.

All our workstations at every level are liquid cooled, and all housed in sound dampening cases. We try to keep noise levels to a minimum for the working environment.

And do forget that if you dont see a machine that matches your exact requirements then we are only too happy to quote you for the machine that suits the job your doing!

for more info you can contact us on 0800 0869877 or email us on and we will help you design the perfect machine for you. 0869877

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