Calling all Budding Music Producers!

Skull Computers have just added 2 more PCs to their ever growing range.

The Skull entry level music editor is a great spec. machine to get started in the music editing world Powered by Intels' I5 9600K 6 core 3.7ghz cpu, 32gb ram & all housed in a sound dampening case, liquid cooled for extra silence and a quiet 500 watt cpu, it will speed through your adventure into becoming the next big thing in the music world!

The second Music editor machine we have added is the Editor Pro.

The skull Music editor combines speed, Power and silence in one PC.

powered by Intels i9 9900k 8 core 3.6ghz cpu, 64gb ram 3200mhz, 32gb Intel optane memory and more! We have put together a superb, powerful & Quiet (compared to normal and gaming Pcs) system. This truly is an amazing liquid cooled high spec PC for the price. When it comes to music editing this pc will power through all its given to do 

Both machines are silent, sleek and powerful and are a great addition to the Skull Pc inventory.

And don't forget a full 3 years warranty on our machines covering parts and labour

and of course superb prices as well

Looking for something special...give us a call on 0800 0869877 or email us at

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