Intel 10th Gen Pcs Have Arrived!

With the release of Intels new 10th generation processors now here. Skull computers have added 2 standard Pcs and 2 superb Gamers to the range.

The comparisons to the previous 9th generation CPUs are:-

Comet Lake-S compared to Coffee Lake refresh

  • Up to ten CPU cores

  • Single core turbo boost up to 5.3 GHz (300 MHz higher); all-core turbo boost up to 4.9 GHz; Thermal Velocity Boost for Core i9; [8] Turbo Boost Max 3.0 support for Core i7, i9

  • DDR4-2933 memory support for Core i7 and i9; DDR4-2666 for Core i3, Pentium Gold, Celeron

  • 400-series chipset based on the LGA 1200 socket

Comet Lake-H compared to Coffee Lake-H Refresh

  • Higher turbo frequencies by up to 500 MHz

  • DDR4-2933 memory support

  • Thermal Velocity Boost for Core i7 and i9

Comet Lake-U compared to Whiskey Lake-U

  • Up to six CPU cores

  • Higher turbo frequencies by up to 300 MHz

  • DDR4-2666 and LPDDR3-2133 memory support

The 2 standard pcs we have added are:-

I5 10th Gen PC

i7 10th Gen PC

The 2 Gamers we have added are :-

I5 10th Gen Gamer

i7 10th Gen Gamer

And dont forget that if you want a spec you dont see on, then get in touch on 0800 0869877 or email us at