Our Pcs.

At skullcomputers we put alot of effort into our pcs, whether its the basic home pc, shown here, or the high end gamers that we sell.

We make sure that we do not use the cheapest parts available to cut corners which could have an affect on the performance of the PC.

So if its a workstation you need we make sure that your next pc is working to the best it can be. Making sure the work you do is handled precisely and efficiently without any issues.

Alot of work goes into our machines by our spec designers to make sure you get the perfect machine.

We use parts from, Kingston, Samsung, Gigabyte, Asrock Nvidia, MSI to name but a few.

If your a music editor we keep the noise to a minimum for your editing machine. The last thing you need is a humming pc sitting next to you. we know you cant make it 100 percent silent but we are not that far away when it comes to the parts used to keep that noise down.

For our gamers, again every care is taken to match parts for performance from the cpu, ram and the graphics cards. We want you to be happy for years to come with our gaming pcs.

As with all our pcs from the basic home pc to the pro gamers, workstations and specialist pcs we make sure that they can be fully upgraded in the future.

For more information on our carefully crafted pcs go to:-

skullcomputers.com or

contact us on 0800 086977 or email us at info@skullpcs.com

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