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Immerse Yourself in Rich Audio with the Marvo Scorpion SG-286 Bluetooth Soundbar
Upgrade your audio experience with the Marvo Scorpion SG-286 Bluetooth Soundbar, a sleek and powerful addition to your entertainment setup. This soundbar delivers stereo sound that brings your movies, music, and games to life, creating an immersive environment in the comfort of your home.

Versatile Connectivity Options for Ultimate Convenience
With the Marvo Scorpion SG-286, flexibility is key. This soundbar allows you to connect via Bluetooth 5.3 for a wireless experience, ensuring hassle-free pairing with your devices. Alternatively, you can opt for a wired connection using the USB port, providing stability and reliability. Whether it's a USB-powered source or a Bluetooth-enabled device, this soundbar adapts to your preferences.

Mesmerizing 7-Color RGB Lighting
Enhance your visual experience as well with the built-in 7-color RGB lighting on the Marvo Scorpion SG-286. Transform your space with dynamic lighting effects that sync with your audio, creating a captivating ambiance for your entertainment sessions. Whether you're hosting a movie night or gaming with friends, the RGB lighting adds a touch of excitement to your environment.

Convenient Volume Control at Your Fingertips
Take control of your audio with the conveniently placed volume control on the Marvo Scorpion SG-286. Adjust the sound output to suit your preferences without the need to reach for additional devices. This feature ensures that you can fine-tune the audio to match the content you're enjoying, providing a customized and enjoyable listening experience.



Speaker RMS
5W x2


60Hz - 20KHz

POwer supply
DC-5V 1A

Wired(USB) and Bluetooth

Bluetooth 5.3


422 x 95 x 67 mm

Cable length

Marvo Scorpion SG-286 Bluetooth 5.3 Soundbar, Stereo Sound, USB Powered, Conn...

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