This intel i9 10850K quadro workstation (socket 1200). The I9 is a very versatile and powerful cpu that can easily work through any load that its put under, along with 64gb Ram and Nvidias Quadro P2200 5gb Graphics card its a superb machine to ease the workload. 


The i9 10850K quadro workstation full spec is as follows:-


  • Antec silent midi case
  • Intel i9 10850K (socket 1200) 10th gen
  • MSI Z490 Pro motherboard
  • 64gb DDR4 3200 Ram (Quad Channel)
  • Samsung 970 evo 1tb NVME M2 SSD
  • 4tb Storage 3.5 inch WD
  • Nvidia Quadro P2200 5gb Graphics Card (4 x DP connections).
  • 240mm Coolermaster AIO Liquid cooler.
  • 600 watt Antec 80+ Gold PSU.
  • aio 120mm liquid cooler
  • 1200mbps WiFi Pcie
  • 3 years warranty
  • Windows 10 Pro

The Skull Intel i9 10850K Quadro workstation

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