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Why Choose Skull Computers?

At Skull computers we dont just build a machine that just works, when we build our systems we use the finest quality parts from such names as  Asus , MSI, Asrock and Gigabyte for our motherboards. For ram we use Kingston, Crucial and Patriot to name buts a few. Cases from Coolermaster and Antec amongst others. We want your machine to work well and not just work!

If your new pc requirements are specific then give us a call on 01516014824 or email us on

We have over 15 years of experience building systems  that are reliable and robust. We want you to be confident that our systems will not let you down.

Once we have built your next PC we thoroughly test your systems until we are happy that you are getting a machine that is working as perfectly as it should.

Our systems all come with a 3 years warranty & Wifi as standard, and our technical support team are only a phone call or email away from helping you in the unlikely event that there is a problem with your new Skull pc.

Vengeance Midi tower.png

From basic machines for the home and office, to high powered gaming machines, Skull Computers can supply off the shelf or bespoke machines confident that you will be happy with your purchase for years to come. 

If you have a particular specification for a particular use, or just that you want something that you prefer, get in touch with our customer service team who can help you to get the machine you want. Or you can call us and speak to us directly.

Can i buy a machine without an operating system?

Yes you can.......if you see a machine that you like, get in touch and we can give you the price of the machine without windows, or if you prefer to change the operating system to nother windows version or Linux, please get in touch and we can price the new system for you.

The Skull Computer Company - Carefully Crafted PCs.

At the moment owing to the pandemic and various other elements of disruption, supplies of CPUs and Graphics cards are restricted. here at Skull Computers we are doing everything we can to get continuous supplies of short supply products.

Over the following weeks and months we will be adding more systems and products to our range. We thank all our customers for the support that we have received over the last few months.

Supplies will get back to normal over the next few months.

The Skull Computer Company - Carefully Crafted PCs.

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