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Here at Skull, although we sell New Pcs and laptops, we also repair, upgrade and service devices.

These services include:-


computer virus.jpg

Virus removal, system software cleans to keep your pc or laptop in top form. So if your device is 

running slowly, crashing or just running badly, we can service the device to get it back to running the way it should! 

laptop repairs.jpg

We can diagnose hardware issues with laptops, repair and upgrade, for more storage or ram (device spec allowing).

internal fans cleaned, which is one of the biggest issues as laptops get thinner!

Screen replacement, when the screen is damaged also

Build your Own PC.jpg

Pc Diagnostics and repair, hardware upgrades, Windows refreshing are also some of the services we can offer to keep your PC in top form. we specialise in gaming Pcs but are trained in all types of Pc repairs. Get in touch for more info

We know that you need your machines back quickly and we always try to get them back to you, repaired, upgraded, or cleaned within 24 to 48 hours (if specialist parts are required we would advise you of any delays, and expected time period)

For more info on our services, get in touch on 0151 648 3600, or email us at

We will be only too happy to help!

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